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Korea has a two part you know very well…… As we are stayed in south korea and whatever we know that only i use to write.

South Korea is nice & beautiful country.
70% of land is covered by mountain & sea. hence building are tallest among the world.
We are stayed in changwon city & our area is a commercial zone covered by lot of international hotel and business office.

In our home when we opened a window we can see mountain & mountain are very develop with excercise machine. like gym & also many gardens with the same.

Here people speak only korian luguage they don’t know english very few people know english
only some people catch english word. so, we have found difficulties for many chorus activities but Korians are very very Co-operative. Here people are nonvegetrain & here very few indian food available. so we have to manage in food & language.

Here people are honest & very kindly. They never ever cheated us, here culture & techonlogy are amrican & english Pronounciation is also US, unlike british (like us) & They don’t give much impotrantace in gramar.

In korea, Indian are not much but Korian’s like Gandhi and they have a good respect for him hence they give us a good respect. Here many foreighner are stay from indonesia and pakistan but they all are doing labour work more. Very few indians but they never evr do any labouries work.

Here mainly two cast christians & baudha. There are four season. Additioanl one is autaum. now days autaum season followed by Winter. Temprature is -4 & -5 & some time rain falls also

now other information u can get form net
there are many nice photo of korea city

If u have anything more to know that let me give the subject oterwise u can took from internet also. Its advisable to move and know many countries and people in the world.